What's Your Legacy?

Your story can change the world. Sign up today and join the program that top experts, speakers, authors, professional athletes and entrepreneurs use. Learn the advanced level habits of the 1%ers and get on the TED stage, and market your brand and book to millions.

"Tammy Kling is one of the best ghost writers in the world." (Virgin.com) As coach to the coaches, Tammy guides leaders across the globe to use their words to change lives.


Tammy with Richard Branson in California

The Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur Coaching Program for
World Changers will help you:

  • Leave a brilliant legacy
  • Monetize your speaking business
  • Create, write and market your book
  • Leverage the secrets of high achievers - those top speakers and entrepreneurs who make an impact on the world
  • Become a global not just local, author and speaker
  • Use the power of words and your personal story to transform lives
  • Build a legacy that transforms your life, family, and business, for generations
  • Step into your purpose, and calling and live it every day
  • Monetize your business, messaging, and words in a way that puts you on the world's global stages

“As a serial entrepreneur and ambassador for the Kingdom of God, I have been humbled by the opportunity to work with many of the top 1% of leaders within the world of business and the world of ministry. Few possess the intuition, capability and communication skills that Tammy demonstrates to effortlessly bridge the gap between both. As a business person Tammy gets it."
Kevin WeaverPresident and Chief Idea Evangelist, It’s Feasible L.L.C
"I couldn't have written my book without Tammy Kling."
Herb BaumCEO / The Dial Corporation
“Tammy Kling is a dynamic speaker. She delivered a moving talk, and they came away inspired and transformed.”
Charles HortonCEO / Fastbucks Corporation

Coaching Program for World Changers

This program will equip you with the skills and tools to become an author and professional speaker on a global platform.

Learn From A Coach to the 1%

Tammy Kling is called upon by CEO’s, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, NFL and NBA stars who are ready to launch their careers as speakers and authors.

Become an Impactpreneur

This coaching program covers the concept of using your specific calling, and life legacy, to build a platform. World changers make an impact.

"Join me today to learn the daily habits and secrets of the top speakers and entrepreneurs in the world!

There's a world changer inside of you. Your story matters!"

Tammy Kling

For the past decade, global best-selling author Tammy Kling has coached the coaches.

CEOs of public companies who decided to write a book and start a platform as a speaker, famous athletes such as NBA and NFL players, and some of the very top entrepreneurs in the world.

Tammy has spent a decade coaching and working alongside one per centers. The distinction?

Tammy does not coach just anyone. Tammy only coaches people who change the world. If you have a goal of being a 1% or this program is for you.

Tammy has worked with the CEO of Dial Corporation, the CEO of Feed the Children, many professional athletes, actors, celebrities, and singers, and the top 10 speakers in the world.

Watch Tammy’s Tedx talk, titled Words Are Currency.

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The 12 Day Writing Challenge for authors and speakers.

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